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chiswickflo ([personal profile] chiswickflo) wrote2010-08-09 02:55 pm

Dark Season drabble

In which Marcie Hatter conducts an Experiment in Two Parts

"I had sex with Marcie," Reet says, apropos of nothing.

Thomas blinks at her for a moment, before he says, "Oh, thank God."


"I mean, me too. It wasn't my idea!"

"Oh, don't be ridiculous, Thomas," says Reet, her tone causing Thomas to wonder, uncomfortably, just how deep Marcie's dominance goes with them, a Behemoth buried carefully in both of their brains. "When have either of us ever said no to Marcie? What was it like for you?"

"It was," says Thomas, reflectively, "the single most terrifying experience of my life so far."

"Thank God," says Reet. "Me too."