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Dear Yuletide Author,

I hope this find you as it leaves me: in a state of barely contained, giddy joy that Yuletide has come around again and anticipation of reading anything that my delightful Yuletide Author wants to write. (Seriously, I have been waving my fists in the air and squealing like a toddler at the thought. Please don't judge me too hard: 2015 has been a less than stellar year so far.) Just know that whatever you write, I am going to love, I promise. I am delighted that you enjoy at least one of the fandoms I've requested and I hope you have an absolute blast writing for it. That's really the most important thing.

For general information, there are only a few things on my DNW list; please, no non-con or character death. Other than that, I am pretty easy! I read and write mostly slash but I deeply enjoy gen, het and femmeslash as well. I contain multitudes, yo. I enjoy the canon of the requested fandoms but I'm not committed to it, so I will be happy if you want to write pre-canon, post-canon, character vignettes or deeply cracked-out AUs where all the characters are space squid, or magic academics, or warring BNFs.

Things I like more specifically in fic are the kind of fast, knife-sharp repartee you get in screwball comedies, friendship becoming love, antagonism becoming emotionally fraught sexual intrigue, unexpected alliances that work from the outset and against all expectation, worldbuilding, competence, cunning, and cleverness. I am also a fan of pining, self-possession and loyalty.

I made requests in a few fandoms so what follows is fandom-specific (and entirely disposable, if it does not fit with the story that comes to you):

The Social Network

Ugh, it is still the tragic story of Mark and Eduardo, emotionally illiterate, elitist douchebags in love, that pulls me in. Oh, the yearning, the pining, the certain knowledge that they fucked each other over but if they could just talk to each other... I am not proud of myself, Author, but Social Network gets me in the place where I store all of my melodramatic, romance novel feels. I feel like Social Network is a fandom that lends itself pretty easily to AUs, so feel free if that is where your whimsy takes you: Star Wars AUs, fandom AUs, a Sound of Music AU, whatever you like! (Yes, I am aware that my choices are objectively terrible.) Alternatively, tell me the story behind the development of the Dislike button, or anything about the development and maintenance of the Harvard relationships through Facebook itself.

True Grit

To tell you true, Yuletide Author, I yearn for future fic in this fandom. Tell me the story of where LaBoeuf ended up (I like to imagine that he established a dynasty of obnoxious blowhards, the latest scion of which is Shia) or of Rooster struggling with the night hoss or anything anything anything about Mattie Ross. Perhaps her relationship with her father, or how she came to terms with the loss of her arm and how her family reacted, or even how the legend of Mattie Ross was used by Colonel Stonehill to terrify local horsetraders and lawyers? Anything is my point here: she is a delight.


Ohhhhh, RocknRolla. Yuletide Author, I will not lie to you: a large part of my fannishness about this film is my commitment to the One Two and Handsome Bob relationship, whether as friends or criminal, slow-dancing soulmates. If that relationship is not for you, then I am also a big fan of the smoking hot Mr Mumbles with his perceptiveness and his willingness to instruct One Two on the finer points of feeeeelings. Other stories I would be interested in seeing from RocknRolla would be about some of the women, who often get short shrift in Guy Ritchie films. How did Jackie end up under Lenny Cole's control? What does June do when she's not solving problems at the club? Do she and Mumbles console each other over having to sort out everybody's shit and then form a sexually tense alliance to protect their interests? I am pruriently interested in the reply to that last question.


I would just love to read more about the whole world of Brave. What drove Mor'du to ask for that spell? Did he too try to reverse it when he realised what he had done and what he had become? Or I could read forever about Merida growing into her responsibilities as a monarch, or the exchange that will no doubt occur when Merida and her family catch up with that scaffy witch. Oooh, or tell me about Elinor and her entirely reasonable suspicion of wee cakes in the aftermath of the story!

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

I'm a big fan of 'what if' stories, Author. And what if - just stay with me here - what if a rat could drive a bus? And what if it, and its rat brethren, did take over and eat Parliament? Ahahaha, no, seriously, you could write me anything about Garth Marenghi's own authorship and writing behaviour, or Darkplace Hospital shenanigans, and I would be verklempt. A Marenghi fan convention, the NHS budget negotiations for Darkplace, the MI8 committee meeting minutes which detail the decision to ban the programme in the 1980s: all of these would delight me also.

Mad Max

God, I love everything about the later films in this series: the way they effectively revise a lot of the gender fetishism that went into the first two, the way they develop the mythos and culture of the road that we saw forming in the first two, the sheer scale of the landscape and the textual universe. I particularly like the representations of power of women through ritual and more importantly the forming of community, the emphasis upon the effort to retain histories and the almost inevitable slippage between memory and myth. Also, if we're talking Fury Road, that immediate, instinctive protective partnership of awesome that Max and Furiosa fall into in response to danger is one of the best things I have ever seen committed to film. Their almost telepathic understanding of each other (or actual telepathy: soulbond, mutant powers, etc), or their 'us against the world' trust in each other: I am here for all of that. Alternatively, I would like to hear about the Vuvalini and how they developed all of their survival strategies. How did the baited trap come about? Or anything at all about the War Boys.

I hope that some of this has been useful to you but if not, feel free to throw this all out (except the DNWs, please) and write the story you want to write. You do you, Yuletide Author! Just so long as you enjoy writing it, I'm sure we are going to be golden.

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Dear Yuletide Author,

I am the absolute worst. I swear there is a saga of woe, complete lack of internet access and many months of horrific workload behind my complete failure to post a proper DYA prior to this, but that seems pretty much irrelevant at this point. Please just know that whatever you write for me I am going to LOVE. I love all sorts of fic: slash; femslash; gen; introspective character vignettes; really, really ridiculous sprawling crack epics where everyone is a woodland animal or fin-de-si├Ęcle courtesans; subtle AUs; missing scenes. Really, everything. So, you see, there's no way I am not going to love the story you write to the point of giddiness and inadvertent public joy-hiccupping.

I am excited to read it, and I am truly, deeply sorry if my utter failure as a Yuletide participant has caused you any bother.

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Away, anonymity! I discard you, just as I previously cast aside dignity and a balanced diet!

I filled this prompt on the Inception kinkmeme, for which I can only apologise wholeheartedly.

An Erudite and Dangerous Art )
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Gen (implied Arthur/Eames)
Rating: PG13 (for language)
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In which Marcie Hatter conducts an Experiment in Two Parts

"I had sex with Marcie," Reet says, apropos of nothing.

Thomas blinks at her for a moment, before he says, "Oh, thank God."


"I mean, me too. It wasn't my idea!"

"Oh, don't be ridiculous, Thomas," says Reet, her tone causing Thomas to wonder, uncomfortably, just how deep Marcie's dominance goes with them, a Behemoth buried carefully in both of their brains. "When have either of us ever said no to Marcie? What was it like for you?"

"It was," says Thomas, reflectively, "the single most terrifying experience of my life so far."

"Thank God," says Reet. "Me too."


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